Civil Engineering

Specialized in Architectural BIM & 3D Design and Visualization

ARCITE’s prestigious Certified Construction Site Engineer (CCSE) program, a groundbreaking initiative for job seeking Civil Engineers. Introduced for the first time in Kerala, with a focus on practical skill development and real-world exposure to engineering aspirants, CCSE offers an industry oriented syllabus designed to prepare engineering aspirants for the challenges of the construction industry. The exclusive program is attended by candidates from all over South India. Backed by ARCITE's commitment to provide quality education, CCSE covers a wide range of essential topics, ensuring that students are equipped with the knowledge and skills needed to excel in their career as a successful Civil Engineer in a period of 6 months.

Program Overview:

CCSE is a practical-centric course that encompasses all the aspects of construction engineering, including Land Measurements, 2D Drafting and 3D modeling, Quantity Surveying, QA/QC, Project Management, Vasthu Sastra for Engineers, Legal Aspects, Material and Labor Control, Architectural Advancements, Sustainable Construction, Structural Engineering along with multiple site trainings and industry visits.

CCSE offers two major specializations to cater to the diverse interests and career goals of students:

  • Specialization in Architectural Modeling
  • Specialization in 3D Design and Visualization

Why Choose CCSE?

  • 100% Practical Approach: CCSE emphasizes hands-on training and on-site exposure to prepare students for real-world challenges and case studies. The candidates will be trained in more than 20+ live projects in India and GCC.
  • Global Certifications: All skill sets are certified by global authorities such as Autodesk, Bentley, Trimble, and Continuing Professional Development (CPD-UK), enhancing the credibility and worldwide acceptance of the course. The candidates will receive individual certifications for each individual software or skill set they learn in CCSE along with a 6 month experience certificate from ARCITE BUILDERS AND INNOVATORS PVT LTD.
  • Comprehensive Curriculum: Covering a wide range of topics, CCSE ensures that students develop a proper understanding of job assuring Civil Engineering concepts and its practical applications according to industry standards of India and Middle East countries (GCC).
  • Industry-Leading Instructors: Sessions are led by experienced professionals and experts in their respective fields, providing valuable insights and guidance. All the trainers are trained professionals in the industry and they teach what they pursue in various engineering projects in real life.
  • Personality Development: Activity camps, professional resume building and mock interview sessions are included within the curriculum to enhance students' soft skills and personal development.
  • Career Opportunities: Gain access to a wide network of opportunities and industry connections that can propel your career forward in all the job sectors of the construction industry.

Course Outcome:

Upon completion of our course the candidate will be equipped to perform a wide range of tasks, including:

  • Architectural Designing and drafting
  • Building Rules and Legal Aspects
  • Measurement and Cost Estimation
  • Structural Analysis of multistoried buildings
  • Project Management and scheduling
  • Site Supervision and management
  • 4D Simulation of Projects
  • Procurement Management
  • Documentation and Quality Analysis through Tests
  • BIM-Based Modeling and Coordination etc.


The course offers individual skill set certifications awarded by global authorities like Continuing Professional Development (UK), Autodesk, Bentley, and Trimble. These certifications are recognized worldwide, validating your expertise and opening doors to exciting career opportunities in the construction industry.

  • Mode : Offline
  • Code :CCSE
  • Duration :6 Months
  • Enrolled :200 students
  • Language :English