Electrical Engineering

Electrical Design Engineering from ARCITE offers a comprehensive course program crafted for individuals aspiring to master in electrical system design within the engineering industries. This course is specifically drafted to equip BTech, Diploma and ITI candidates, as well as aspiring professionals, with the indispensable knowledge and practical skills necessary to excel in various job roles associated with electrical design.

Program Overview

ARCITE's Electrical Design Engineering course offers a comprehensive understanding of industrial-based electrical systems, covering the following key topics:

  • Electrical System Design: The Electrical System Design complemented by training in AutoCAD software, provides participants with the skills to design, analyse, and optimize electrical systems efficiently.
  • Preparatory course on grade A and B license: Providing them with the necessary expertise to navigate regulations and manage electrical projects effectively within industrial contexts.
  • Solar Design: Specializing in solar and PV systems, gain comprehensive training in design, installation, troubleshooting and maintenance, supplemented by hands-on experience with PV syst software.
  • Illumination Design: Illumination design coupled with training in Dialux software, equips participants with the expertise to create optimal lighting solutions.
  • Fundamentals of MEP systems: Gain insight into the principles, components, and integration of Mechanical, Electrical, and Plumbing systems in building design and construction.

Course Outcome

Upon completion of the Electrical System Design course, participants will be equipped to:

  • Design industrial electrical systems.
  • Prepare detailed drawings, specifications of industrial electrical installations.
  • Design optimal lighting solutions for different architectural and industrial environments.
  • Design, install, and maintain sustainable solar solutions while utilizing industry-standard PV syst software for simulation and optimization purposes.
  • Coordinate MEP design and installation activities with other building systems and disciplines.


Participants will receive individual skill set certifications from recognized global authorities such as Continuing Professional Development (UK) and Autodesk. These certifications validate expertise in electrical design engineering, enhancing career prospects and credibility in the core industry.

  • Mode : Offline
  • Code :EDE
  • Duration :3 months
  • Enrolled :200 students
  • Language :English